The Beginning

Passover 2020 will forever be remembered as the start of lockdowns. For us, it was a beginning.

Our friends from Tabernacle of David in Korea had been renting from us for a year and keeping 24/7 worship at the nearby Elijah Prayer Cave. Suddenly, they had nowhere to worship. In a few days, we converted Sharbel’s new workshop space into a temporary worship room where the onsite team could continue to worship.

Sharbel and I met the Tabernacle of David team in 2018 when they came to bring 24/7 worship over the Autumn Feasts. At the time, they thought it would be only for 40 days and then back home. However, God spoke to them while they were on Mount Carmel to continue unstoppable worship until Jesus returns.

The Tabernacle of David in Korea are a small team of mostly families who are totally dedicated to worshipping before the throne of God. Everyone is invited to participate in dancing, singing and playing music. Most are not professional musicians and dancers. Many keep a personal worship time each day and also lead one of the evening sessions. The watches may open and close with prayer but the main part is praise and worship – new songs, old songs and spontaneous music and singing.

With the help of internationals and locals, we have continued daily worship throughout the restrictions of the past few years. Now we are looking to finish the worship room for our dedication in October.

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